leaders and culture

Three Tall Trees takes a data- and research-based approach to Leadership Development, and Culture (Organizational Health, and Alignment). For more on the data and research available to How to Create an Amazing Organization, click here for T3’s Green Paper.

How we work

We meet your organization exactly where you are. Even if that’s peeking out from behind your way-too-old (or long) strategic plan. Even if that’s a place of confusion, uncertainty and overwhelm. It doesn't matter where you are right now, what DOES matter is whether you’re curious about where you can take your organization.

We’re well aware that it’s not easy to lead an organization. If you're in the C-suite, you know that creating a compelling vision, hiring and firing by values and keeping purpose front and center can be incredibly challenging, especially when you're also responsible for keeping up with lightning-fast changes to markets, business conditions, resources and people.

Leadership is not for the faint of heart. We help leaders…lead. This is critically important because most leaders aren’t actually leading. They’re managing, and that’s a totally different animal. That’s why managers are so common, and leaders so rare. It’s easier and more intrinsically rewarding to manage—to solve problems, manage processes, and get the work done. Leadership is about change, being with uncertainty and holding a clear vision, asking questions and being curious. At its core, leadership is also about developing people. And with that comes a deeper, more meaningful reward: the knowing that you, as a leader, have had a positive and lasting impact on the people around you and the organization as a whole.

Great Leadership and a strong, ‘real’ organizational Culture, are the two levers that drive success—and directly impact an organization's bottom line. When these two levers are used together, the impact is even more positive--and profound. This impact is identified over and over in the data and research, and is also true in our own experience working with organizations.


In face-to-face group programs, we help leaders access their authenticity, move past their ego, and step boldly into their natural power. Through experience, we’ve learned that a critical mass of skilled Leaders is the fastest, most cost-effective way to create a healthier, more aligned and more successful organization. A critical mass is about 10-15% of an organization’s salaried employees. So, if there are 200 salaried employees, about 30 high potential and key employees should be participating in our programs.

we help leaders access their authenticity,
move past their ego, and step boldly into their natural power


We help organizations get clear on who they are, where they’re going and what they collectively hold to be deeply true and meaningful. Our goal is to help organizations gain clarity and alignment with their unique culture.

We believe even a small step is worth taking. Culture alignment gives employees two things: hope and direction. These initiatives take time, often years, to integrate into an organization’s DNA, but they are so worth doing. It is these initiatives that create alignment, build trust and collaboration, and form the basis for an exceptional workplace.

We use an approach, called Appreciative Inquiry, that looks at an organization’s bright spots, and involves employees in the process of identifying cultural ways of being at every level of the organization. This approach creates huge buy-in.

We’ve found people to be incredibly capable, creative and willing to give an organization their blood, sweat and tears—when the organization gives them autonomy, a path toward mastery and a clear compelling purpose and vision.

Our work at Three Tall Trees, and our passion, is to uncover the individual and collective human brilliance, and bring it forth for the benefit of each employee and the entire organization.