leadership development & cultural alignment

Three Tall Trees facilitates the learning of true Leadership, and Organizational and Cultural Change through an emphasis on Awareness, Authenticity and Alignment.

Our programs focus on helping Leaders become aware of their impact on others, and give them the tools to have an increasingly positive impact on employee engagement, safety, profitability and innovation. They learn to become leaders, not just managers.

Participants in our group-based programs learn through experiential exercises, practices that focus on awareness, impact of ego, and leadership skills and tools

Leadership Development

Programs are typically 2-3 days, held either on-site or off, in an office setting, a retreat center or in nature (we are open to longer programs—up to a week). Our approach focuses on having a long-term, positive organizational impact:

  • Engaging employees in a deeper,  more personally meaningful way 
  • Building high-functioning, innovative teams
  • Developing and stretching people
  • Implementing organization-wide initiatives as a group

Participants in our group-based programs learn through experiential exercises, practices that focus on awareness, and the impact of one's ego, and leadership skills and tools, including:

  • Communication
  • Difficult/crucial conversations
  • Listening
  • Accountability (self)
  • Curiosity
  • Collaboration
  • Feedback
  • Developing people

We support our Leadership Programs with targeted individual coaching, helping participants move past blocks and more fully embrace their natural, authentic leadership, as well as provide them with skills and tools that directly impact their ability to engage and motivate employees. We take a positive, inclusive, and challenging approach to create long-term, real Organizational change. Developing a critical mass of engagement- and development- oriented leaders is the key to creating organizational excellence. 

The group approach gives each leader a high level of support—they interact with the people in their group at work, adding to their learning.

cultural alignment

Aligning employees to the following four principles is critical to an organization’s success:
  • Purpose - why the organization exists, beyond making money 
  • Vision - where the organization is going
  • Values - what the organization deeply believes in
  • Agreements - what employees agree to hold themselves accountable for
The more real these cultural 'ways of being' are, the more aligned the organization will be. Alignment creates flow and productivity, clarity and understanding. Employees who know what is expected of them, where the organization is headed, and the deeper meaning of their work, come to work energized and inspired. Aligning with a strong, clear corporate culture gives employees a path forward, common goals, and a shared meaning that goes way beyond a paycheck.