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Three Tall Trees passionately believes in the power, brilliance, and creativity of the human being. We believe that people deserve a work experience that's engaging, real and fun...for everyone, from an administrative assistant to the CEO, the janitor to a mid-level manager.

Our belief is at least in part borne of personal experience. Tom Mann, Three Tall Trees’ Founding Partner, was fired from 7 (or was it 8?) straight jobs. Yes, he was young, and, at times, lazy and unfocused, and he also asked ‘why?’ and ‘what if?’ a lot. That curiosity was NOT well-received. The result was pink slips. Lots of them. Ted Zerrer, Three Tall Tree’s Co- Founder, had his own version of that experience.  From an early age Ted always questioned "why we do things a certain way" and "is this true"? He just could not help asking those questions then, and he can't now.

From those experiences came a burning passion to make work real and authentic. To make curiosity and asking ‘what if’ not only ok, but wanted. To truly value the brilliance of the human being, and to give them the freedom to be themselves—to fail, and learn and grow, without the fear of being marginalized or fired.

Tom Mann

Tom Mann, Founding Partner of Three Tall Trees, is passionate about busting the status quo, through his work with leaders and organizations.

Tom has facilitated Leadership and Organizational Alignment programs for organizations (corporations, non-profits, government agencies, associations and political organizations) and individuals across the US. Tom spent his early years playing in the creative sandbox of the ad agency world, co-founding and leading Erdeljon Mann & Associates (Fairfax, VA), and serving as President and Creative Director of Adventures, Inc. (Leesburg, VA).

Ted Zerrer

Ted Zerrer, Co-Founder and Instructor at Three Tall Trees, is a personal and business coach/consultant, leadership facilitator, and a co-developer of The Whole Human Leadership and Organizational Alignment Model. He is a graduate of CTI’s leadership Program and also completed CTI’s Coaching Program.

Ted's life long dedication and passion for meditation and it’s profound effects has led him to dozens of leadership and mindfulness retreats over the years, both as participant and as a leader. He has served on the Boards of both the Durango Dharma Center and The Shanta Foundation. Ted is a Doctor of Chiropractic, graduating from Sherman College of Chiropractic at the young age of 23. His work as a chiropractor is transformative and life-changing. Ted lives in Mancos, Colorado with his wife Katherine and their big, furry dog Moose and spends quite a bit of time hiking and biking in the mountains. Ted is also the proud father of three incredible young men. Please contact Ted at ted@threetalltrees.com.