humans are brilliant


When an employee’s brilliance is trusted and honored, they’ll give you their blood, sweat and tears…because working at an organization that truly sees and values them is much  more than a job, and a paycheck. It’s validation for who they are as a human being. 

At Three Tall Trees, everything we do challenges the status quo of how we work and live our lives. We believe in the brilliance of the Human Being, and the lives they have the potential to create--and impact. The difference between someone who is unaware of their impact on the world around them and someone who is awake to their true influence and authentic self is so profound, so compelling, that we HAVE to do this work. Applying this passion to empower people to change the way they do business opens the door to an organization’s greatness.

Our purpose, our 'Why?’, the reason Three Tall Trees even exists, is to uncover the brilliance of the human being to create more freedom.

When leaders become less fearful to be their free and natural selves, and bring that sense of freedom to their work and their teams, great, even magical things happen. Employees start really talking to each other. They collaborate, innovate and work smarter. Trust grows. Teams flourish. Profits increase. 

Sidebar: Pearson and the story of ‘The 17’.