you...can have your cake

and eat it too


Mike Pearson, GM of Vigor Puget Sound, on having your cake...and eating it too!

what would happen if your organization didn’t care about making money?

Whether you're a for-profit or non-profit, like most all organizations, your primary focus is naturally on making or raising money. But what if instead, the focus shifted from money to creating a great experience for your employees, customers, vendors and everyone involved with your organization?

What if your organization’s primary focus was on developing the brilliance of its employees, and aligning those employees around a strong culture?

According to the research and data (and our own direct experience), when an organization shifts its focus in this way, something magical happens, regardless of the industry or type of business: making money starts to takes care of itself!

That is what we mean when we say, you can have your cake and eat it too.

We have witnessed this in the organizations we work with, and encourage you to take that first step in making it happen in your organization.

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Trust that your employees are brilliant. They’re capable of doing great things, way beyond what you (or they) believe possible.

Develop them. Help them become masters of their craft, whether its being a great welder, doctor, manager, CEO, programmer or engineer.

 Ask for your employees' ideas. Listen to them. Value them.